Service Guarantee

We generally accept liability for our advice. We guarantee the correctness and are liable for financial losses. It is our principle to deal openly with mistakes. Our clients and business partners credit us with this. We live an open and constructive error culture both internally and externally.

We do not leave you out in the cold after a diagnosis, but give you clear recommendations for action based on your figures and implement them together with you.
We are pioneers in the field of digitalisation and statutory procedural documentation. We also advise other tax firms in this respect.

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Certified tax consultancy

Procedure documentation Digitalisation

Deutscher Steuerberaterverband e.V.www.dstv.de
Es macht mir viel Freude mit Rene Reich und seinem Team zusammen zu arbeiten. Er besitzt in der Unternehmensgestaltung viel Erfahrung und bringt diese kreativ in unsere neuen Geschäftsfelder ein. Er hat mich vor der größten Fehlentscheidung meines Lebens bewahrt. Dafür bin ich ihm sehr dankbar.
Florian Winger
Certified tax consultancy

How can you recognise a good tax advisor? We know that consulting is above all a matter of trust - but trust is not enough for us. We have our company screened and certified for structures, processes, services and professionalism. With us, you have professionals and specialists at your side.

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Real added value

Benefit from the added value of clearly created structures of a procedural documentation and the resources freed up as a result. We are convinced that after just three months of procedural documentation you will save 50% of your time spent on accounting preparations and 30% of your costs. We have created a separate website for this important topic concerning procedural documentation. Procedural documentation is mandatory. Protect yourself and benefit from it.

Zur website www.verafahrensdokumentation-reich-weber.de
Positive company development

We want you as an entrepreneur to be free to implement the things you are passionate about. If you are developing a new business field and need a calculation, a business or investment plan for it, then you will benefit from our experience and competence.

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Service promise

The start-up and growth phase is completed after an average of three to five years. In the following five years, the consolidation phase follows, in which structures are created and success is consolidated. We recognise the signs of loss of success. Do you still feel the urge to reinvent yourself and are your ideas sparkling? Does the feeling of security cause your attention to drop? This is exactly the point where we would like to provide targeted impulses. It is not those who are strongest that survive, but those who can adapt the fastest. The life cycles of companies are becoming increasingly shorter.

Ich denke oft an die komplizierten Zusammenhänge und Analysen der Zahlen, Daten und Fakten, die Herr Reich in einfachen und klaren Worten darstellen kann. Ich bin ihm sehr dankbar hierfür.
Florian Winger
Take the fitness test

There is no off-the-shelf solution for positive business development. Each situation is individual. To this end, we have developed a test in which we work together to find out what potential lies in you.

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Professional knowledge to your advantage

We are constantly optimising our processes. This idea is not only shared by the owners, but the whole team helps to shape the processes. This is our natural attitude, which has led to us obtaining certification for the Sonnenbühl location, which we are now striving to achieve for the entire company. Your company can benefit from the experience we have gained in the area of process optimisation by supporting your company.

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Why Germany is one of the tax havens These are 5 very simple practical tips:

1) for corporate income tax at 15% and for capital gains at 26.75%. total tax burden
2) Job bikes are tax exempt
3) Mobile phones, electronic devices and their contracts are tax exempt
4) Electric vehicles are tax exempt
5) Supplementary health insurance is completely tax-exempt

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The 7 deadly sins of tax law

Here we are happy to advise you: on royalties, on real estate that is not subject to hidden reserves, on higher financing within your group of companies, leasing and rental expenses, if there is a business split within your GmbH or if you move out of owner-occupied real estate. You can save up to 500,000 euros and tax shares if you take our advice into account before investing. You should definitely consider taking advice before buying a property.

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