Our passion is forward-looking advice that goes beyond the boundaries of tax issues. Especially in times of the Covid-pandemic, we are committed to helping companies and ensuring their continued existence. That is why we have put together an interdisciplinary team of advisors made up of experts who, as a subsidiary, help us to look at your company from all angles – i.e. not just from a business perspective. Structures, digitalisation, design: precisely the sore points of smaller medium-sized companies that will soon no longer be able to keep up with the fast steps of their large competitors.

Whether craft, retail, manufactory or start-up: together with you, we find out how to set up your business in a future-proof and robust way. We answer pressing questions about your future. How do I tap into new customer potential? How do I avoid unplanned machine downtime?


Learn how to positonise and differentiate yourself. Together with us as a pilot and navigator in the cockpit, you will find your course. In times of digital disruption and market change, it helps to accept ideas and impulses from outside. This sharpens the view and sets accents.


Without PowerPoint bingo and bad German-English. Plain language, German, sympathetic, always at eye level with you. An interdisciplinary group of experts who take the pressure off you and leave you free to concentrate on your core business.

What kind of presentation can I use to make my company unmistakable? Which products are the top sellers and bottom sellers in my range? Where do I burn money unnecessarily? Together with you, we pragmatically address weak points and strengthen your strengths.

You have an idea, but you don’t know if it can work? We scrutinise your market, target customers, your goals, mission, vision, feasibility……all questions lead to a potential analysis with

various scenarios. And of course only as far as you are willing to go down these paths. Ready for take-off?

Courage pays off.

Every idea must be examined from different angles. This includes an analysis of location, the regional market situation, infrastructure, workforce, subsidy programs (reich=weber are BAFA consultants), tax framework, social environment, target group analysis, and competition analysis. All these potentials provide information about the feasibility of an idea. 

Be First, Best, Different or Pricy.

There is only one way forward for SMEs: and this is by differentiating themselves. Those who do not follow this motto will sooner or later get left behind. The right differentiation concepts go hand in hand with a potential analysis. Dare to be different and don’t just swim with the tide. BUSINESS PLAN

Busy or Not?

Your idea has been fleshed out. But you don’t have the time to put it all together in a coherent concept for banks and investors?

We take care of everything around this process: from the business idea to the person of the founder, the potential analysis, the corporate identity, customer journey (more than a marketing plan!), the organization, the implementation plan, the scenarios, and the financing plan as a multi-year plan.

Taking you by the hand!

Do you have an idea but not yet the right basis for a bank meeting? we prepare everything for you and also go along. reich=weber are BAFA consultants and will also help you with your application for subsidies.

Ready for Take-Off?

The idea exists – but how do you implement it? We also help with the preparations for business operations, setting up the business organization, recruiting staff, and marketing plans. CUSTOMER JOURNEY Marketing plans
are a relic of the past.
In today’s marketplace, you must plan for every contact the customer has with you. Your company must communicate its brand image with every single letter.

Marketing plansare a relic of the past.

In today’s marketplace, you must plan for every contact the customer has with you. Your company must communicate its brand image with every single letter.

Be different!

SME entrepreneurs want to be involved in everything – including the design. Let go of the ropes and surprise yourself. Good concepts are unusual … get used to a new appearance. Don’t just stand still or copy. You will be old news immediately.
The right cockpit for your journey!

The right cockpit for your journey!

Have you thought about planning calculations for companies up to 5 years into the future? In the form of rough or detailed planning?
We determine your exact needs and extrapolate…what could be state of the art in 1, 2, or 5 years. Course corrections included.

Business management analysis P&L
Liquidity planning

Investment planning
Financing planning
Turnover planning
Tax calculation
Different scenarios (worst – real – best case possible) Development of recommended actions

Company analysis

step by


Gründen Sie Ihr Business

Wir unterstützen Sie in der Rechtsformwahl, bei der Erstellung oder dem Prüfen Ihrer Businessidee oder des Businessplans und bei Gesprächen und Präsentationen mit Ihrer Haubank.


Bauen Sie Ihr Business aus

Sie sind bereits erfolgreich und wünschen eine zweite Sicht auf Ihr Unternehmen? Dann beraten wir Sie über den Tellerrand hinaus und geben Ihnen wertvolle Handelsempfehlungen.


Optmieren Sie ihr Business

Sie wollen Prozesse optimieren und den Kopf frei haben für Ihre strategische Visionen. Wir unterstützen Sie dann mit Controlling- und Prozessoptimierungs- Tools.